An iconic destination in the heart of Jeddah, The Hotel Galleria is the first of Elaf’s Landmark Hotels. Launched in 2018, the hotel perfectly combines Arabian Hospitality and grand Italian architectural elegance with timeless glamour and impeccable, intuitive and highly tailored service.

Since its inception, The Hotel Galleria has become a landmark for refined art and architecture, culinary experiences and a tradition of excellence.

Situated at the center of the exclusive shopping district of Tahlia Street, the elite luxury hotel has a uniquely charming atmosphere that captivates the most discerning clientele, from international executives to artists, public figures and statesmen.

A true architectural wonder, The Hotel Galleria’s meticulously crafted environment takes visitors on an awe-inspiring escape from daily hassle, allowing them to fully immerse in the present moment and the elevated state of ease, plush beauty and comfort.

Freely flowing in the exquisite rooms and hallways of the hotel, visitors embark on the journey of discovery and limitless inspiration of awakened curiosity, rewarding the senses through the graceful design elements of the hotel surroundings.

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