On the business-to-business side, Elaf was one of the first operators to recognize that digital innovation was fundamental to remaining competitive and coping with rapidly changing client needs.

Elaf OTA

Expanding on this principle, Elaf has launched an online travel agency (OTA) that provides a multi-functional portal and services to third-party travel agencies.

This evolution in Elaf’s business-to-business services will enable domestic and international operators to benefit from new markets opening up as a result of the visa reforms and from Elaf’s local and global expertise and buying power.

Business Solutions

Elaf Travel provides mainly outbound business-to-business travel agency services through its network of branches and in-client travel desks based in the offices of corporate and institutional clients.

These include many prominent names including the Islamic Development Bank, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Mohammed Sharbatly Corporation, Saudi National Bank, Samsung Electronics, Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries, and SEDCO Holding.